Summer Literacy & Math Camp

Summer Literacy & Math Camp

Newmarket Montessori & Christian Learning Academy is offering a Literacy & Math Program for the month of July 2023.

This program is specifically intended for both Casa (Junior/Senior Kindergarten) and Lower Elementary students (Grades 1-3).

It is designed to help improve the following skills:


  • Alphabet recognition of beginning and ending consonant sounds
  • Short and long vowel discrimination
  • Associating sounds and symbols to compose 3, 4 and 5 letter words
  • Composing words and stories with movable alphabets
  • Reading simple and complex phonetic words
  • Identifying high frequency sight words
  • Creative and functional writing
  • Proper formation of letters and words
  • Improving reading fluency with primary reader sets


  • Develop problem solving skills through hands on learning
  • Exploring the world of fractions through baking
  • Learning about organizing data through graphing
  • Understand & review mathematical operations
  • Learning about the purpose of measurement
  • Sorting, ordering & classifying numerically and through patterns

For further information, kindly contact Newmarket Montessori through our “Contact Us” page. 

Newmarket Montessori’s Literacy Camp provides tremendous opportunity for children to learn through songs, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, poems and games in a fun creative and interactive way. Additionally, Newmarket Montessori’s Math Camp helps students develop a greater appreciation for mathematical concepts ranging from patterning, graphing, problem solving, exploring fractions and reviewing operations.

Both Literacy & Mathematical aspects of Summer Camp are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual student through an interactive approach, while creatively exploring many topics. Summer Literacy & Math Camp is designed to help engage students in learning and help prepare them for the upcoming school year.