Christian Montessori

What a Christian Montessori Education can offer

  • Focuses on the five areas of learning; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics & Culture
  • Teaches biblical principles and Teaches bible stories from the New and Old Testaments
  • Focuses on God the Creator
  • Develops an incredible sense of self-confidence
  • Creates an enthusiasm for learning
  • Learning through repetition of materials
  • Inspires an independent love for learning
  • Encourages students to help each other
  • Establishes a bond between student and teachers
  • Develops independent thinkers and social skills
  • Provides a caring and nurturing environment
  • Teaches Physical Education, Music, Drama & French

Practical Life

  • Is the foundation of Montessori education
  • Builds order, concentration, coordination and sequential skills
  • Encourages students to help each other by taking care of their environment
  • Develops independence, self-control and self respect


  • Develops analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills
  • Encourages independent thinking and an enthusiasm for learning
  • Inspires self discovery and true creativity
  • Builds mature questioning and research of how things work together in their environment


  • Introduced to math functions through concrete materials and repetition
  • Simple computations are introduced in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • The sequential order of the Montessori materials enable the child to complete full intellectual cycles independently
  • The precision of the presentations and the exactness of the math materials attracts the child to this area


  • Sounds and phonograms are taught phonetically
  • Increases vocabulary, development of visual perception and pronunciation of words
  • Decoding the functions of nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Composition of words and simple sentences and development of fine motor control


  • Culture in Christian Montessori education focuses on creation
  • God created the universe and everything in it which naturally encompasses exercises in the areas of botany, zoology, earth sciences, Biblical history, geography and the arts
  • Materials are interrelated and interactive within the classroom
  • Children gain a deep understanding of the world that God made