Summer Literacy

Summer Literacy Program

Newmarket Montessori & Christian Learning Academy is offering a literacy program for the month of July 2022.

This program is specifically intended for students in Casa (Junior/Senior Kindergarten) and Elementary grades 1-3.

It is designed to help improve the following skills:

  • Alphabet recognition of beginning and ending consonant sounds
  • Short and long vowel discrimination
  • Associating sounds and symbols to compose 3, 4 and 5 letter words
  • Composing words and stories with movable alphabets
  • Reading simple and complex phonetic words
  • Identifying high frequency sight words
  • Creative and functional writing
  • Proper formation of letters and words
  • Improving reading fluency with primary reader sets

The NMCLA Literacy camp provides tremendous opportunity for children to learn through songs, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, poems and games in a fun, creative and interactive way. This educational program is designed for children who would benefit from development of pre-reading skills.