February 2018 Newsletter


In the Classroom Themes, Activities, and Seasons

For the month of February students are celebrating God’s greatest gift “Jesus” by studying the meaning of the verse John 3:16. The children are learning about Jesus’ unconditional love of us. Throughout the month the children are working on “Love Centered” master pieces.

In addition with February being friendship month, we will be concluding our dinosaur unit with a Dino Party on  February 14th with our dinosaur egg hatch, Oylessa Berlo will be joining us to make Dino Valentine’s cards and we will be making Dino cookies. Also for February’s show and share the children are welcome to bring in pictures of friends or family whom they love and admire and are encouraged to tell the class why these individuals mean so much to them.

Also this month the elementary students will be working the digestive and renal system in Science. They will also be working on their dramatic monologues. Our younger elementary students will be focusing on their poetry recitation.


Upcoming Events

Valentine’s Spirit Day

  We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Students in the casa class can hand out their cards and treats to their classmates Wednesday morning of February 14th.

All students can wear red, pink or white.

Love Your Community Toiletry Drive

NMCLA is collecting toiletries for Welcoming Arms during the month of February. Please refer to the toiletry list for ideas.

Family Day This year, Family Day falls on Monday February 19thand the school will be closed

February 10th NMCLA will be having an Open House.

Open House from 12-2:00pm.

February 20th-Dental Hygienist Visit

Louise Masters will be visiting the school to teach our students how to take care of their teeth

100 Days of School

Casa students can bring in 100 items to count and help celebrate 100 days of school on February 20th and 21st


Activities to Encourage at Home

As this is the season for extra layers of clothing, it is important to develop your child’s independence by encouraging them to put on their winter outfits by themselves, especially those clothes that contain zippers and buttons, as these correspond to the dressing frames in our classroom.

 Many of the students have shown considerable interest in learning how to tell the time this month. In addition to studying the minute and hour hands of the clock, the concept of time is reinforced by linking certain periods of the morning with familiar activities, such as snack times, circle times, group activities etc. This is area in which parents can also help, by consistently linking activities at home, such as meal times, bath times and the ever popular bed time to various hours of the day.

Math and Language

For math we will be looking at two and three dimensional shapes through our geometric solid materials and for language we will be working at blending and decoding high frequency words. Finally the students will also be working on word families in order to improve their reading skills.  The Casa’s will be reviewing the decimal system, identifying symbols and quantities of units, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s and creating numerals from 1 to 9000. They will also be learning about sets and measurements.