September 2015 Newsletter

In the Classroom:

During the month of September the students will focus on classroom routines such as lining up, listening in circle time and using the washroom. As part of our classroom community, students will discussed in circle time the need for rules, and how they help to keep everyone safe at school. Some of our Kindergarten and Middle school rules are: keep your hands to yourself, treat everyone with respect, remember our ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’s’ when speaking with one another and waiting your turn patiently. 

This year, the Casa class will have "buddies" from the middle school and senior grades. I know this experience will be very exciting for the younger children. Everyone is very excited, especially the elementary students who love to be positive role models. We will meet with our buddies over the next few weeks and we look forward to doing various activities together throughout the year as we develop great new friendships. The elementary children will also be starting their Astronomy unit for science. In social studies the student will be studying the geography and history of Canada. 

We have begun to hide God’s word in our hearts each week as we study His word and memorize our monthly memory verse. This Month’s memory verse is found in Genesis 1:1.  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Throughout the month of September we will be talking about how God created the universe, Adam & Eve and working our way through the first chapter of the bible.

Further the children will focus on learning the primary and secondary colours through various experiments such as color mixing with paints. The casa children will also be learning and identifying the difference between shapes and geometric solids.

In addition, the students will be learning about fire safety this month, while also taking a closer look at helpers in our community such as doctors, firefighters, dentists and police officers. 


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Field Trips

The students will shortly be travelling to Coopers Farm in Zephyr in October. More information to come shortly.


Safety first! Please remember to back into all parking spots. 

Hot Lunch Friday

Please see the calendar for lunch rotation. Lunches can be prepaid for the month or paid and ordered the day of. 

Attention Elementary Students

Please bring in your old magazines for an art project this month. Your child will need at least two.

Clothes and Cubbies                     

Children’s work, school notices and wet clothes will also be placed in your child’s backpack, so please be sure to check them daily. Also please be sure to label your child’s clothing, shoes or boots clearly.        

Sound Suitcases   

Sound suitcases and readers will be distributed on Wednesdays in the student’s cubbies and should be returned the following Wednesday. 

Tuition Cheques

 All tuition cheques, registration and immunization forms should be submitted to the office no later than September 11th.